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Interview w/ Emovamp Creator Christi Anna

Just when it seems things are looking up for Daniela Moretti, her life takes another unexpected turn. She is now royalty and possesses the ability to become one of their kind, yet, for all her power, and for all her resources, that option has never been more out of reach. Daniela is restless, tired, while others are happier than ever, and all she can do is watch as they get everything she's ever wanted and more. Driven to hasty decisions and desperate actions, Daniela makes a mess of things and soon seeks refuge in the arms of an old friend. But just as she is breathing a sigh of relief, she is informed of a new threat, one that is hunting her. And when a tempting offer is made, Daniela must consider it or face certain annihilation. Terrified and confused, she must make a decision that will forever alter her life and possibly the world. Will she choose a death sentence or continue Yearning for that which she covets most, knowing it is only a Deadly Desire?

I have to admit I am not on the vampire/werewolf book wagon, but the Thief of Life series is one of my guilty pleasures. It is inventive, exciting, and at moments, literally breathtaking. There is a strong mixture of familiarity, as well as something completely original and electrifying.

Author, Christi Anna, is joining us today to discuss Yearning Deadly Desire , her latest release and fourth book in the paranormal romance series Thief of Life, the Chronicles of Daniela. Christi’s books are not your run of the mill vampire fantasy; they are witty, clever and spun from a different yarn than the typical bloodsuckers. She has taken a different approach to a sometimes overdone genre giving her an A+ in the creativity department. I was a bit skeptical when I first started reading the series, but Christi’s ability to make you care for the characters won me over. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, Christi, I am delighted to have you.

How do you feel about being lumped into the “Vampire” writer’s club, even though your book is so different?

I would answer by saying, there is a part of me which sometimes wants to clarify that my story is not about vampires, however, there is another side which embraces it and knows that even though mine are not actual, blood-sucking vampires, they are, in essence, true to the vampire form, mysterious, ancient, strong, fast, and devastatingly handsome creatures which feed on others. It is for this reason that I embrace being “lumped” into that genre because it opens up more opportunity to reach a wider audience, some that may only read vampire stories, some that would never.

Well said. In your story the main character, Daniela, starts off a bit weak and vulnerable. I really enjoyed watching her grow and gain substance throughout the books. Was this a conscious decision, and if so, were you ever eager to force her into a stronger position?

This was definitely a conscious decision, and yes, there were times throughout that I wanted to push her to be stronger, but her growth has needed to come slowly and, at times, I’ve had to knock her down a couple of notches. I want my readers to yell at her, slap their foreheads and beg, “WHY?” And the answer is, because we are all vulnerable and weak at times, but we have to keep fighting through the pain, struggling, moving forward and growing stronger, this is life, and that is her story.

That gave me chills, and is a very accurate depiction of humanity. I’ve read that the storyline came to you as a part of being emotionally drained. Could you explain that to us a little more?

Many years ago, I dealt with a person in my life who was, as I like to say, an emotional vampire. Someone who literally left me feeling emotionally drained every time I encountered them. Eventually, I had to withdraw from them for my own wellbeing. More than ten years later, I was, once again, engaged in a friendship with yet another one. I am generally a very upbeat person, and often direct that positive energy to encourage and lift up others, but there are some in this world who suck that life right out of you. No matter how much you give, they just keep taking more. It is never enough. I guess in a way I turned to writing about it as a means of therapy. I vented my frustration into my protagonist, so to speak, and let her carry my burden of feeling used.

I think we have all encountered such relationships and can certainly identify. I really admire your ability to mix wit, romance and tension. Which do you find the most difficult to convey?

All three of those seem to come easily enough, but my real downfall is fight scenes, OY! They are simply not my strong suit. By nature, I am a lover, not a fighter. I want to write mushy, feel-good, ooey-gooey romance, not battles. Unfortunately, in order for my readers to feel all warm and fuzzy, I need a little conflict and action, otherwise they would get bored and the story would fall flat. Though, I am finding that the more of these scenes I write, the easier they become and the more I like them. Alternatively, I don’t see myself writing a war story any time soon.

I hope not, I really enjoy your “ooey-gooiness”. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That I could write an entire novel. When I began this journey, I honestly thought this would be a short story. After all, I hadn’t written so much as a poem since high school. I looked at other books and wondered how on earth people found so much to say. The night I wrote the outline for books two, three and four, I sort of freaked out. Here I was, with barely two chapters written of my first book ever, and I already had plans for additional novels. I knew right then that if I moved forward, I would not only be committing to finishing the one book, but additionally, however many it took to finish the story. Once I start something, I have to finish, it is just my nature. It was slightly overwhelming. I didn’t even know if I could finish one novel, let alone an entire series. I’m confident now that I can.

That is very inspiring. I know Yearning- Deadly Desire is the fourth book in your series, preceded by Wonder- Heart of Captivation, Jealousy- Legacy of Love, and Torn- Crystal of Despair. Can we expect more books in this sensational saga?

Absolutely! Book five, Betrayal-Masquerade of Seduction, is currently being prepared for release sometime late 2012 or early 2013, and the final book in Daniela’s chronicles, True Love-The Ever After, is already underway. Additionally, after a short break to work on a standalone book, Mers of the Deep, I will return to the series with a seventh book, Broken, and eventually, another set of chronicles, each of which will follow other characters from the original series. This story is far from over.

Fantastic! I am sure all of your readers are excited to hear that. I understand you are a working mother of three; do you have any special tricks to finding time to write?

Coffee, headphones, coffee, duct tape and coffee! Okay, no duct tape, but it does occasionally cross my mind. Honestly, I write every chance I get, and I only watch TV one hour a week. And I don’t sleep. I find sleep deprivation makes for some very interesting plot-twists.

More of that famed wit, I love so much. What does your family think of your writing success?

Almost three years ago, my darling husband said, “If you want to write a book, then stop talking about it and just write the thing.” He is probably regretting those words today, but doesn’t complain and helps me with the kids and house whenever I need him. My oldest refuses to have anything to do with my writing, she’s a teenager and any acknowledgment of my work at this point in her life could be construed as friendly. This is against the teenage code, you know. Secretly though, I think she finds it inspiring, as she is now writing her own books and often enjoys going over plots with me. My son, who is nine, is very interested and excited, as he is not a teenager, yet. He loves to ask questions about my story and keep up with it a little, especially anything to do with battling and throwing flaming spheres of energy. He will probably go on to write that war book that I never will. As for my littlest one, she is five and loves princess stuff, and is planning to write a princess book of her own, just as soon as she gets a laptop like mommy’s and learns to read.

That is precious, and it must be rewarding to be such a sound influence on your children. Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Yes! Thank you so much for all of your continued devotion to my work and the numerous bags of chocolate covered peanut candies and scarves I have received! I have the best fans in the world, so generous and loving. They shower me with gifts and encouragement, send me beautiful fan letters and share their personal stories of how my books have affected them. It is an author’s dream, and it is for them that I write.

Well their fawning is well deserved. Finally, I know from experience once readers pick up your first book, they are going to be hungry for more. So can you please share with us where your books can be found?

Links to all of my books, as well as character bios, author bio and sneak-peaks can be found on my website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu. Also feel free to find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Thank you so much Christi for your time. I really look forward to your upcoming publications and wish you continued success.

Thank you very much, Christy! Great interview questions, I loved it!

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