Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Podcast Interview

Today was my first live interview; one in which I couldn’t hide behind paper and words. It was actually a wonderful experience, even though I felt completely frazzled beforehand. I owe much thanks to interviewer John Byk for making the process painless and effortless. Without his gentle nature and patient demeanor I might have come across as a total wreck.

His questions were engaging, which allowed me to get lost in the conversation rather than worry about how I might stumble. I really enjoyed listing to his ideas and being allowed to voice my own opinions without prejudice or ridicule.

Prior to the discussion I did warn John that I tend to get nervous and he offered me great advice, “People aren’t interested in hearing the scholar behind a book, as much as the real person who wrote it.” This really helped me relax and feel confident in my ability to portray a genuine person.

I think the entire interview went pretty well besides the terrible phone I have which sounds muffled and the fact that my husband tried to call right at the tail end. However, that in itself was a little comical. It was as if call waiting seemed insistent on breaking up the fact that I am from Oklahoma and now live in Texas…even the fates of the phone world feel those two words do not belong in the same sentence.

Overall it was a good time and I am thankful for the opportunity to share it with you. Please check out 2012 Writer’s Alive John Byk as he interviews me about my book Parallel.


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