Monday, November 26, 2012

Yikes Stripes!!!

Today’s topic has nothing to do with books, but hey, even a writer has to get dressed.  I looked in my closet the other day and realized I have probably three shirts.  I suppose there are a few more, but only three I actually wear; and let’s face it, if you wear three shirts every week for a few years they are probably starting to lose their luster, shape, color and appeal, (especially if you got white wash on your favorite, but still insist on wearing it).
After checking the account I decided I could spring for another blouse or two.  So first thing was first, find the deals.  I checked online and in my price scrutinizing I realized the trends have changed a great deal since I last bought my navy blue pocket tee.   Nearly everything is sporting stripes!   Now I am no fashionista, but I remember the golden rule…no stripes on big people. 
What? Oh, don’t act surprised that I am on the fluffy side.  I am a writer; I sit on my keester for a living.  Anyway, all of the cute sweaters, blouses and tees had stripes of some of sort.  Beautiful colors in bold blocks, whimsical pastels in small ribbon like threads.  Stripes on everything and yes…all horizontal. 
I wanted to broaden my wardrobe not accentuate my bust and waist line, (which are more circle than line).   So online shopping was out, I’d have to face the crowds, the stores and worst of all…the dressing rooms.  Luckily I got to take my two youngest children with me, to help point out all the muffin exposure and lumpy bulges on the shirts that didn’t work.  Their giggles and shouts of “eww” were wonderfully helpful, but when I did finally find the blouses that worked for me I was rewarded by my son’s words of “finally” and my daughter’s cheers for “ice cream”.
The point is I am continually baffled by the fashion world’s constant disregard for people who aren’t a size 0.  If we make up a larger portion of the population, (no pun intended), why are we ignored?  I know I am not an avid shopper, so the point could be made that they pattern to devoted consumers, but I am 1 in billions, my shopping habits are rare in such a large number. 
I know there are plus size designers but where do they buy their fabric?  I don’t want to wear cartoon animal prints, my grandma’s curtains or something that feels like it went through a waffle press before I put it on.  I want the same beautiful styles my friends wear, even if I have to pay a little more for the extra material.  I need luxurious solid colors, with banded waists and flowing body to hide my muffin top and show off my slender legs, (that one is by luck alone trust me).   
I also know I am not alone; I have friends whose demands are similar.  None of us are made the same; some friends are skinny, some not so much.  I have tall friends, short pals, busty comrades and some who are lucky enough to forgo a bra on any given occasion.  We all want to be able to buy a lovely, practical item, without having to have it altered.  (With the cost of clothing these days why should you have to pay extra for a tailor anyway?)
My ranting will do nothing to change any of it, but I have heard rumor that actress Melissa McCarthy is working on a new clothing line and it is in my prayers that she is successful in helping out with at least some of these needs.   In the meantime my thanks to Old Navy for the simple black peasant blouse that hangs on me in just the right way, and Kohl’s for the two $50 sweaters, which I left paying a total of  only $27 for. 
Old Navy Peasant Blouse
Kohl's Apt. 9 Sweater

(Oh and by the way, I did end up buying one striped sweater but it really doesn’t show with a black tank under it.)  J

Kohl's Elle Table Sweater

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Contest!

$5 e-gift card for one lucky reader!!!
This holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect on the many blessings we have.  I wish to express my gratitude for the support I am receiving from readers and soon to be readers, by hosting a small contest on my Facebook Author page.  Check it out and you could be the winner of an Amazon gift card, just in time for Black Friday shopping!  J