Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just Finished a Fabulous Mystery

I know, Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett, took me forever to read, but please do not let that be a reflection of the book.  My life has been immensely chaotic, the fact that I kept going back to it should be evidence of its quality.
This was a fantastic read full of mystery, which I personally love.  It was filled with haunting story lines, grisly murders (without being overly graphic), conflict, psychic phenomena (which I am a sucker for), and well-rounded, likable characters.   
Despite the disorder affecting my personal time, I continually craved occasions to finish reading this book.  I wanted to know what really happened, who was involved in the murder and why it affected the main character as it did.  I was caught up in Jeff Resnick’s world and identified with his need to follow something blindly. 
After reading this novel which is the first of the Jeff Resnick mysteries, I am extremely anxious to read the next in the series Dead in Red.  If you are a fan of a good, old fashioned mystery I highly recommend Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett.
I gave it 5 out of 5 Stars 
Great Cover too!
Synopsis courtesy of Amazon:
After a brutal mugging in Manhattan leaves him with a broken arm and fractured skull, insurance investigator Jeff Resnick reluctantly agrees to recover at the home of his estranged half-brother, Richard. At first, Jeff believes his graphic nightmares of a slaughtered buck are just the workings of his traumatized mind. But when a local banker is found in the same condition, Jeff believes the attack has left him with a sixth sense--an ability to witness murder before it happens. Piecing together clues he saw in his visions, Jeff attempts to solve the crime. His brother Richard is skeptical, but unsettling developments begin to forge a tentative bond. Soon, things that couldn't be explained by premonition come to light and Jeff finds himself probing into dangerous secrets that touch his own traumatic past in wintry Buffalo--and the killer is ready to eliminate Jeff's visions permanently.

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