Sunday, April 21, 2013

Princess Rheann

Rheann Franklin was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer on October 10, 2012, at four years old.  She is very ill and she needs some cheering up, so her family is giving her a card shower.    J
If you would like to please join us in just sending her a happy card to let her know how many of us are praying for her please do so and send it to the address below.  We only have till May 14th, so please get those cards in the mail soon.  She will be picking up the mail herself, on days that she is able. 
Thank you for your prayers, well wishes and CARDS!  J 

Rheann Franklin
PO Box 6053
Norman, OK  73070

I got this message at church the other day and was fortunate enough to talk with a family member.  As an author of children’s books I felt it was my duty to concoct a special story for her. The only really useful detail I got is that Rheann loves the color PURPLE; I hope she enjoys her story and I hope many of you will feel compelled to reach out and send Rheann thoughts and support of your own.
We all love to get mail, especially when we were kids, so please take the time to send her something, a card (store bought or handmade) or even just a note to say that you hope she has a beautiful day.  Thank you to my readers, and friends, for blessings my life and for keeping Rheann in your thoughts.

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