Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thoughts on Publishing & a New Cover!

The debate over self-publishing vs. traditional publishing wages on, leaving many comparison lists in its wake.  Pros and cons of each side giving hazy logic for why one is better than the other accumulate, littering the internet with even more minefields for self-doubt and confusion. 
The self-published author struggles to feel validated, respected and taken seriously; while the traditionally published author struggles with much of the same.  Each demands a thick skin against harsh criticism and low sales in a vast market. 
While you are being bombarded and slammed by the thoughtless comments about your “hobby” and inquiries about your “real job”, remember our profession, if done correctly, requires a tremendous amount of work and dedication, regardless of how it is distributed. 
I have publications in both traditional/mainstream publishing, as well as indie and I am completely satisfied.  Just like anything, there are draw backs, as well as rewards in both circulations you just have to stay vigilant.  Always do your homework before signing anything and never pay anyone to publish your work, (vanity press is something I will speak against).  So don’t let it get to you, just continue to breath and write.
Okay onto fun stuff.  I am getting ready to launch another children’s book (indie style).  So today I give you a cover reveal for Aspen!  Hope you have a great weekend!