Monday, January 21, 2013

Star Trek...Not So Much...On 2nd Thought...

So I grew up in a house where my mother watched Star Trek on a regular basis.  Needless to say, as an active country girl watching TV bored me to tears, let alone science fiction.  So when the Trek came on, it was my cue to escape the sitting room and explore the great unknown…my imagination and the backyard.
As I grew up I never really developed a love for science.  I memorized the periodic table because I had too, took medicine when needed, and marveled at the stars on a clear night, but that was the extent of my involvement.
Then one day I announced to the world I was becoming a writer.  I self-published some pretty poorly edited books and called it good, but on this new chapter of my life I met a person I would quickly appreciate and grow to love. 
This individual just so happen to be an author; and as we writers tend to do from time to time, she sent me one of her manuscripts for advice, review or just plain enjoyment.  What she ended up handing me was a gift; a pure love for, you guessed it…science fiction. 
Maria Hammarblad is an award winning author who has many worthwhile books to share, trust me I’ve read quite a few and she never lets me down.  Recently, I completed her Embarkment 2577 Trilogy and absolutely loved them.  They are available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. 
Maria has not only become a wonderful friend but a beautiful mentor.  Personally she has encouraged me to put more into my work and her writing alone has inspired me beyond my own imagination.   Below you will find my reviews for each of the books in the Embarkment series and I imagine if you give them a chance, science fan or not, you will love them too.  Hammarblad has a unique style that can touch the reader in all of us.  She delicately weaves science, adventure, humor and romance into a neat, little, captivating package.
For those of you who know me, this goes without saying, but for those who don’t, I am not a “smoke blower”.  I try to be as sincere as possible and remain tactful.  So when I tell you I love something there is no agenda behind it, other than serious enthusiasm.
Fun and Creative!  4 out of 5 stars
Embarkment 2577 is a classic Maria Hammarblad joy ride. It was full of fun, energy and imagination. I really enjoyed the creativity she used in depicting a fantastical environment, all the while making it believable. Once again I found Maria's talent for creating a lovable, yet unlikely hero unrivaled and blush to admit I fell for an android. All of the characters are easily envisioned and memorable. Hammarblad really knows how to make sci-fi seem effortless and I am really looking forward to reading High Gravity!
Surprising Twist!   5 out of 5 stars
High Gravity is full of jaw dropping moments!  As always Hammarblad knows how to write an exciting adventure.  This book not only packs a wallop in the action department, but also comes equipped with a bit of mystery, when an unpredictable character comes in and confides a dark secret to Alex.  Will she tell her husband the one thing that could save their marriage at the expense of another, or will she let it destroy them all?  As the story progresses you find yourself emotionally wrapped up in the lives of Alex and Adam, and I couldn’t help but shed a tear as the energy builds toward a climactic finale.  It’s hard not to cheer for the good guys in this one, and silently urge Alex to reveal a secret of immense proportions to the one she loves.
Another Exciting Adventure!   5 out of 5 stars
Adam & Eve is a wonderful conclusion to the Embarkment 2577 trilogy.  Another exciting tale, which takes you on a sensational voyage; full of heart, scary aliens and a villain you absolutely LOVE to hate.    Once again Alex finds herself in deep doo-doo (not just an expression).  Your heart sinks as vulgar creatures threaten to destroy her and the ones she loves.  This was my favorite book in the series but the others are an absolute must read as well.  I was a bit hopeful for a fourth book where Adam and Alex visit the planet of the “Tree People”, but that is my own greedy need for more Hammarblad genius and a bitter sadness at having to say goodbye to characters I’ve grown to adore. 

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