Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm Not a Cow

Okay, so I am doing this diet thing.  I am even doing pretty well at it, even with these little beauties staring me in the face, (I haven’t touched them other than to dole them out to the kids). 

 It’s not always easy, but I just keep telling myself, “You’re not a cow…you’re not a cow.”  I am still keeping up with my resolution to be kind to myself, but when I think of carbs this is how I am seeing it now.  Grains are something we feed livestock.  Why?  To fatten them up.  I’ve been eating grains my whole life and I only have ONE stomach, so I can only imagine. 


As I said before I’ve been getting help with the Atkins frozen entrees.  I was asked to share my opinion on the few I’ve tried.  It has only been nine days but I definitely have some opinions already.  So far my personal favorites (in order) are: 


1. Beef Merlot (Exquisite!!! 5 out of 5 stars)
2. Crustless Chicken Pot Pie (Didn’t even miss the crust which is usually my favorite part 4 out of 5 stars)
3.  Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (Delicious!!!  4 out of 5 stars)
4.  Chicken Masala (Yummy!!!  4 out of 5 stars)
5.  Swedish Meatballs (Tasty as well as filling.  4 out of 5 stars)
6. Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry (Very good.  A little on the sweet side but not too bad.  3 out of 5 stars)

I prefer traditional home style cooking.  You may have a more exotic pallet.  I don’t completely dislike any of the meals I’ve tried but these were my least favorite.

*Italian Style Pasta Bake (However, I do not like Italian Sausage, if you do…you will love it.)
*Orange Chicken (This would have been good, but just a little too sweet for my liking.)
*Meatloaf with Portobello Mushroom Gravy (I think I just expected too much on this one.  I love mushrooms and again I am a home-style cooking kind of girl.  For me this had the heavy meaty taste of a school cafeteria.)
*Mexican Style Chicken & Vegetables (This was a little heavy on the cumin and just my least favorite of all sampled.)

There are plenty more entrees to try, this is just the selection I have tried so far.  The meals are all very well prepared, the vegetables in every dish have been very appetizing and I have enjoyed them very much.  I hope if you try them you enjoy them too.  (Just in case any of you are thinking it, no I do not get anything from Atkins for saying this.  I am not affiliated with them in anyway and they don’t know who I am.  However, if they wanted to give me some entrees I would not object, I can use all the help I can get.)  

Another Question I have had is…”What are you eating for breakfast?”

*Activia Black Cherry yogurt with shelled Sunflower seeds sprinkled in it.
*Eggs & Bacon
*Smoothies (I have 3 different recipes I enjoy, listed below.  They also make a nice snack.)

Mixed Berries – 1 cup ice, ½ cup coconut water or plain water & 1 cup frozen mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & blackberries- value brand found in Wal-mart freezer section).

Sunrise – 1 cup ice, ½ cup V8 Splash (peach/mango) & 1 cup frozen mixed fruit (this has mango, peach, pineapple & strawberries - value brand found in Wal-mart freezer section).

Pumpkin – 1 cup ice, ½ water, 4 TBS canned pumpkin, 1 TBS sugar free French vanilla coffee creamer, ¼ tsp. cinnamon

I don’t have those things all at the same time, these are just an assortment of items I have allowed myself in place of toast or oatmeal. 

I’ve given you a list of all my brownie points, so here is my guilt list.  Things I need to own up to, and modify along the way.
1.      I am still enjoying my coffee with one or two squirts of caramel.
2.      I am not exercising yet.
3.      I’ve had a few weak moments where hunger got the best of me.  In those moments I have indulged in chunks of cheese or a banana rolled in sunflower seeds.  I know those aren’t great choices, but they feel better than cookies or ice cream, so I will give myself a break for now.

Lastly, my blog feels a little self-absorbed right now, and I apologize.  I’m not contributing much of value to anyone but myself.  However, I have to do this to better myself.  I hope maybe along the way I can help someone else who is struggling with the same issues and I hope you will feel free to share your experiences and tips. Thank you for the support and encouragement I have already received and God bless you in this wonderful and exciting New Year.

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