Friday, January 31, 2014

Supper Bowl

Well, today is January 31, 2014, not February 1st but it has still been thirty days since I began the no carb challenge.  I wanted to go ahead and write my reveal for you now, because tomorrow belongs to my family.

Drum roll please…in thirty days I have lost 14 pounds, 11 ½ inches and one dress size!!! My new eating life style has not been as difficult as I expected, it has actually bordered on easy to find ways around bread, pasta, potatoes and sugar.  However, I have not been good on my vow to only weigh once a month.  I have witnessed lots of fluctuation in my weight, (up and down), the entire month but I am happy with where I landed this morning. 

I was hoping to have a larger number to share with you by now, but then the realist in me stomps her foot and wags her finger at me, “Fourteen pounds lost is wonderful and your pants are almost comfortable again!”  That is a huge deal!  It took many years to get this big, it’s not going to fall off over night. 

I am slowly giving up those bad habits, starting with caramel in my coffee, I finally let it go.  I am excited about my workout which will begin in two weeks.  (Still nursing my husband right now and I refuse to exercise in front of him, when he has access to a camera phone.  Why?  See for yourself.)  
My daughter & I giving it our best shot!  :)

I am embracing a new mindset as well.  This is no longer a diet for me, even though I hear myself replying to offers of sweets and bread with “I can’t…” it’s not what I mean.  This is my new life.  I don’t feel deprived, I actually feel empowered.  I am finally taking charge of something I have allowed myself to play victim to for years.  I am controlling my food, it’s not controlling me.  In turn I am actually enjoying what I eat even more than ever. 

Hopefully, next month I will be able to repost the same type of loss and conviction, but right now I will focus on today and enjoy every moment of it.  Happy weekend, hope your favorite team wins the Super Bowl because I am totally winning the Supper Bowl!  :D

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