Monday, March 10, 2014

Cover Reveal

Just wanted to share my latest release with you. I am super excited and it looks like a release date is just around the corner.  I will certainly keep you posted.  Happy Monday!
Coming Soon from Silver Knight Publishing!

Julie is like any mother, eager to be an example of strength for her children, but first she must escape the bounds of her tumultuous marriage.  A pending divorce has her teenage daughter rebelling against her, her young son frightened, and Julie unsure.  Her unstable circumstances quickly lead to troubling nightmares and an emotionally distraught Julie is devastated to find a year of her life wasted in an institution. 

Once she is released she is eager to put things right again with her children, but is soon haunted by visions of a drowning woman.  As Julie struggles to keep perspective bits of her life begin to unravel and she soon realizes the gaps in her memory are bitter truths to her life.

A mother’s love is undying but is it enough? 

Thank you so much to the ever talented artist Reymond (Rey),
at Silver Knight Publishing!

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