Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Sugar Queen Book Review

Some authors force feed you every detail, until you are gagging on information, others insist you strain to read between the vague lines created in their ambiguous mind.  However, there are a few writers talented enough to float you along, allowing you to drift among a sea of lines and dialogue with ease. Lulling you into a story and creating a life in which you become an anxious voyeur, unwilling to leave the characters any privacy.  You feed on their thoughts and emotions, devouring their accounts as if they were your own, and become hopelessly lost when the last page insists you close the book on someone you now consider a friend.  Those are the authors I find compelling, the stories I relish and the books that inspire me.  Sarah Addison Allen is one such author. 

I previously read her book Garden Spells and was captivated by her use of language and the dreamy spell her words cast upon the reader, (click here to see my previous review).  I found myself a budding fan and was eager to read her next book on my list The Sugar Queen.  Well, here I am many
months later and finally able to complete that task, which I will only refer to as a joy. 

I’ve never considered myself a romantic but Ms. Allen’s unique blend of mild romance and mystery is something I absolutely LOVE!  The Sugar Queen, was another hypnotic tale, full of intrigue, personality and passion.  Ms. Allen has a real knack for conveying insight from a variety of perspectives.  The back stories for each character really engages the reader enough to want to be invested. 

I’m now eager to read the next Sarah Addison Allen books on my list, Waking Kate and Lost Lake. 

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