Friday, April 25, 2014

Cashing in Your Chips?

I’ve had an adventurous month, (that’s a nice way of saying difficult).  Life brings many obstacles as a means of testing our strength, and though I think I have shown my ability to endure time and time again, I was about ready to cash in my chips on this no carb thing. 

I have to admit I have had a few small pieces of Easter chocolate, but this morning the toaster strudel my son left on his plate was calling my name. (Don’t judge.  Most mom’s act as a garbage disposal for their kids' left overs.  It’s so we don’t throw it in the trash and feel like we’ve wasted food.  Yeah, that’s it.) Anyway, I made a deal with myself, have one more weigh in first.  “You know you’ve gained weight this month anyway, so what’s the big deal? That strudel is as good as yours!”  How can you mess with logic like that?  So I rolled my eyes, sighed, and stepped on the glass square, that I’m fearful will one day splinter into a billion pieces from this burdensome ritual.  Yet, I was stunned to see another pound gone. 

I have lost a total of twenty pounds in four months, and while that may not seem like much to those who loose ten pounds in a sneeze, it's success for me. I had this discussion with my physician, (and by the way I am awesomely healthy…yay good genes!), and he told me the ideal weight loss is two to five pounds a month.  Any more than that and you are less likely to keep it off.  I am averaging five pounds a month which increases my chances of long term success…THRILLING (insert my best sing song voice)!  Who knows, if I am able to keep this up, I may be at my ideal weight by my birthday.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome gift to myself? 

So to those of you who struggle with me, measure every small achievement as a big one.  We are working hard in everything we do, be it laundry, parenting, jobs or weight loss.  We wouldn’t give up on someone we love, so we shouldn’t give up on ourselves.   The journey is a long one and for that I will be grateful.

I have one confession about that strudel before I go:  I wasted food.  J