Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bird Box by Josh Malerman
After completing Bird Box by Josh Malerman, I was speechless.   The only utterance which came naturally was “wow”.  Not even a loud, jubilant “WOW!” but a soft, numb, lost in astonished thought “wow”.  This book had so many elements that my mind literally filtered through obscure, nightmarish image after another.  Now that I’ve had time to absorb what just transpired in my mind, I can say this book is absolutely intense and riveting! 
      At first the writing style was not something I’ve encountered before, and for me it felt choppy and extremely narrative, but the story itself was so compelling I had to keep moving forward.  A few chapters in, the form was no longer foreign and I found it rather artistic.  I became completely immersed in the characters and what was going on that it progressed naturally.
      The story begins with a young woman finding out about an unexpected pregnancy and a torrent of news casts of suspicious behavior in the outside world.  Fast forward and she is soon cast into an apocalyptic nightmare, blindfolded.  Following her through a string of tension filled events was nerve-racking.  I couldn’t help but feel her sense of loss, confusion and terror, as the new world unfolded. 
      One of the most interesting spectacles, for me personally, was how the role of motherhood was transformed by necessity.  We think of most mothers as being supportive, encouraging, and nurturing, but here we get to witness how severity in nature can strip us of the luxuries of coddling.  This character demonstrates how essential it is for her to force brutal restrictions on her children at such young ages.  The harshness of her new world, demands a rigid and less rewarding form of childrearing to ensure survival.  It was both fascinating and painful to witness.
     I’m sure this is destined to be a sensational movie in the upcoming future, and I would strongly encourage you to read this incredible book before it gets to the box office. 


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